Medicare Supplement High Deductible Plan G | Is it the best Medigap plan in 2022?


Medicare Supplement High Deductible Plan G is one of the newer standardized Medigap plans. High deductible Plan G is a great option for Medicare beneficiaries who want the benefits of the Medicare Standard Plan G but want to take advantage of a low premium. Is this the supplement plan for you?

So you want to know if High deductible plan G is right for you? Well, High deductible Medicare Supplement Plan G, generally works like all other Medigap plans you may already be familiar with. Basically with these Medigap plans, Medicare pays its portion about 80% of covered medical expenses first, and then the Medicare Supplement insurance plan pays the remaining 20%. 

With a high deductible plan, you have to meet the Medicare Supplement deductible for the year before the plan helps you pay your Medicare out of pocket costs. 

For High deductible plan G, The deductible in 2022 is $2,490. 

The great thing about this, is that once you’ve met that deductible, you won’t have any out-of-pocket costs for care or services covered by Original Medicare.

Because this is the newest Medigap plan on the market, here’s what you need to know about the High Deductible Medicare Supplement Plan G:

  • Original Medicare will still pay its 80% portion, you will pay the other 20% until you satisfy the $2,490 deductible and the Medicare Part B deductible of $233.
  • After the Medicare Supplement deductible and the Medicare Part B deductible  is met, the plan will pay the same benefits as standard Medicare Supplement Plan G
  • The annual Medicare Part B deductible counts toward the Medicare Supplement deductible. 

So, after hearing this, you may be wondering, am I eligible for High Deductible plan G? Well, the good news is that high plan G is available to anyone on Medicare parts A and B. This is great especially in comparison to plans like High Deductible Plan F, which is only available to beneficiaries eligible for Medicare before January 1st of 2020.

So, if you’re someone who is comfortable having more out of pocket responsibility, in exchange for lower monthly premiums, High deductible Plan G is perfect for you!

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