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Rick Teska

Author Spotlight

Rick Teska is the CEO of Strive Medicare and a forty-year veteran of the Medicare insurance industry. Over the years he and the agents he has trained have helped over 3,000 Medicare beneficiaries enroll in Medicare Supplement (Medigap), Medicare Advantage, or  Part D Prescription drug plans. 

With his book Medicare Breakdown-The Alphabet Soup of Medicare, he will save you time, money, and frustration. 

In his free time, Rick loves to spend time wih family, hunt and travel.  He lives in La Crosse, WI with his wife Sara, they have 3 children and and 5 grandchildren.


What Our Readers Are Saying

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I am about to turn 64 years old and need to prepare for Medicare. The book will help me make some very important decisions. I am so grateful for their guidance for my Medicare supplement plan. It has been so easy. They know the business and helped me pick the perfect plan for me. I couldn't imagine navigating that without their expertise.

Monica M., La Crosse, WI


Great book that contains all the info you might need in one spot. Had a relative that required additional care and this was a great resource to find out what is covered and what’s not. Very informative.

Terry and Ann R., Decorah, IA